How is Periodontal Disease Treated?

Scaling & Root Planing / Deep Cleaning

Bacteria accumulations deep under the gums are removed with  specialized instruments.

To be effective, we need you to be comfortable.   Local anesthesia must be used.

We do this everyday...the treatment of these deep infections.

The deeper the infection, the more difficult the removal.

Surgical Therapy

Your jawbone is what supports your teeth and gums.

Unfortunately, severe periodontal infection dissolves parts of your jawbone. This bone loss can eventually lead to the loss of your teeth.

The first step of treatment is to remove the periodontal disease, which halts the bone loss.

Then we repair the damage that has occurred. In many cases, various bone grafting techniques can be used to re-grow some of the jawbone that was lost.


Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy

In some cases, this therapy that allows for the effective treatment of periodontal disease with a laser energy.

Unfortunately, this treatment is not for every situation.

If we recommend this treatment, the result is no cutting or stitches, which means shorter healing time, less discomfort, and improved clinical results.