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Benefits of Dental Implants

1. Improve Quality of Life:

Function, look, and feel like natural teeth.

No more need for denture adhesives.

Provides confidence when smiling, speaking, and eating. Restores self-esteem.


2. Better chewing function:

Stabilizes dentures and make chewing easier.

Provides ability to enjoy the foods you love.

Better nutrition = Better health.


3. Improved ability to taste food:

The ability to taste food decreases significantly with upper dentures that cover the palate.

Implants help lock-in a denture — the denture no longer needs to cover the roof of the

mouth and the ability to taste food in no longer an issue.


Dentures can cause bone loss, due to lack of stimulation.

Dentures can cause bone loss, due to lack of stimulation.

4. Preserves support of facial features to prevent aging:

Collapsing cheeks and lips can age a person 10 –20 years. Since implants preserve bone, your natural facial contours are supported which prevents certain wrinkles.


5. No impact on adjacent tooth or teeth:

Represents a conservative treatment option — the adjacent teeth are let untouched.

If a tooth is ground down the long term health of the tooth is diminished.

Removable partial dentures induce forces on teeth that help in their retention. These forces can rock teeth back and forth and eventually damage cause them to become loose resulting in their ultimate loss


6. High Success Rates for people of any age:

The success rate in healthy patients is ~ 98%.

The success rate in patients with health concerns and/or smokers is ~ 94%.


7. Never Decay or Require a Root Canal.