Periodontal Maintenance



Periodontal Disease is a chronic diseases, such as Diabetes.

The key to control is early diagnosis and treatment, followed by prompt ongoing treatment.

Supportive Periodontal Therapy helps in gaining control of the disease and increases your chances of keeping your teeth.

If not removed every 3-4 months, this periodontal bacteria can grow to a point where bone loss starts to occur again.

This is why 3-4 month periodontal cleanings following treatment are very important.

On an individual basis, this interval can be lengthened if the patient demonstrates stability over time.


Supportive Periodontal Therapy Visit


Your periodontal therapy visit will include:

A through examination of your mouth

Measurement of your periodontal pockets:  The gold standard for evaluating health.

A visual oral cancer screening

Tooth root cleaning & polishing

Oral hygiene instructions

An update of your medical & dental history

Team Approach

We work together with your general dentist as a team to provide you with the best possible care.

Many times periodontal cleanings will be alternated between our office and your general dentist.

On-going periodontal therapy treatments will ensure your optimum oral health and highest possible care.

To prevent re-infection and avoid more periodontal treatment, it is quite important that you follow the periodontal therapy program set out by your periodontist.