No More Loose Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures are Anchored like Natural Teeth

Dentures look great but without a proper fit, they can be a nightmare due to poor retention while eating and speaking. If you currently have dentures, dental implants can offer you the opportunity your current denture or even get rid of them.

The medical consequences of loose dentures include the inability to chew your food or eat the foods necessary for a well balanced nutrition. Poor nutrition can negatively affect your immune system and make you more prone for illness. Confidence while you speak and smile can also be affected.

As you continue to age, you will experience continued bone loss of your upper and lower jaws; relining your dentures every 3-5 years to fit your changing jaws will be necessary. Implants not only secure your denture or your new teeth, it also maintains your jaw bone.

The retention of your dentures or your new teeth will fit safely and securely to the implants without the need for daily removal. For more information on how we, in conjunction with your general dentist, can significantly increase the retention of your denture or even get rid of your dentures and transform your smile and your life, please contact us.

CT Scan Technology

CT Scan Technology/Three Dimensional Imaging is a state-of-art, ultra-low-dose radiation way to capture high resolution three dimensional images of a patient facial features, teeth, and bone to allow us to diagnosis and to treatment plan a wide range of therapeutics options to include the placement of dental implants and advanced bone grafting techniques.

CT Scan technology assists in immediately loading multiple implants with a segmental to full arch provisional teeth. This technology also can serve as invaluable to information in our collaborative approach to patient care.

These scans are performed at a low cost and yet provides invaluable information in our collaborative approach to patient care with your general dentist.

For more information on how our collective approach to treatment care can transform the lives of your patients currently with dentures or who need dentures soon, please contact us.

Good Retention

Locator Attachments for Lower Denture