Optimal Health and Quality of Life Evaluation

Have you heard Whoopi Goldberg talk about Periodontal Disease?

Are you concerned that you have gum disease?

Do your gums bleeding when you brush and floss?

Do you have bad breath?

Do you have any loose teeth?

Do you have pain when you eat or when brushing your teeth?

Do you Smoke?

Do you have diabetes?

Do you have hearts disease? Had a heart attack?

Pulmonary disease?

Had a stroke?

Are you pregnant?

Have you been told you have BABY TEETH as an adult?

Do your gums keep growing over your braces?

Do you have gum recession that bothers you?

Do you have any concerns about your smile?

Does your denture (either complete or partial dentures) come loose when you smile or when eating?

Can you chew comfortably and efficiently with your complete or partial dentures)?

Does your partial denture cause discomfort to your teeth or gum tissues?


Are You Anxious In The Dental Office?

Does ANXIETY or FEAR of going to the dentist prevent you from seeking care?

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