What to Expect From Us

Our Promise to You

You will be cared for, will be listened to, and will be informed.

We can help keep your tooth/teeth longer

As leaders in our profession, we provide high quality, state-of-the -art periodontal and implant care.

We will take care of you.

We Figure Out the Problem First To Avoid Unnecessary Treatment


We talk with you about ALL findings that affect your oral health.

We need appropriate radiographs (we can't diagnose what we can't see) .

Helps AVOID any unnecessary treatment. 

Provides an expectation for treatment outcomes (prognosis).

We take the time to answer all of your questions.

We Use Only The Most Proven Techniques and Implants.


We use the #1 implant in the World. 

No knock-offs.  Only Long-Term Research.

Since we use only the best, we may be more expensive than other offices.

We help take care of issues that may arise during therapy.

We are Always Available to answer your questions.


Although we provide value to your care....

We understand financial pressures to pay for care

We strive to make treatment affordable

We work with your Dental Insurance

We have Payment Options

We Work With The FINEST dentists.


We work collaboratively with your dentist throughout your care. 

Upfront and routine communication is important.

We communicate with your dentist shortly after the appointment.

We help facilitate care between offices.

We do this for all doctor consults and care and for all dental hygienists treatment.

Our primary focus in maintaining your tooth/teeth.  If we can't, we will review alternatives thoroughly.

40+ Years Of EXPERIENCE In:


Diagnosis & treatment of periodontal disease infections.

Dental implants placement.

Esthetic periodontal issues like recession or short teeth.

Reversing bone damage or bone loss.

Latest and Proven Techniques & Technologies used.

We Will Take Great Care Of You.

Patient Safety:  We uphold the highest professional standards of cleanliness, sterilization, and radiation control.

Our staff regularly attend safety seminars and are knowledgeable on the latest techniques.

We complete follow-up visits to make sure healing is ideal.

We check all completed implants to make sure the foundation is healthy.

We identify issues as quickly as possible to best prevent future problems.

We continuously review your oral and overall health status for changes to prevent new problems.

We have Sedation Options to make you feel comfortable.